Mining since 1982

Andru Mining was founded in 1982 by Terry Troughton. Terry together with his team of directors, Rob Elphinstone, Keith Reddy and Doug Troughton took Andru from a small mining company based in Natal to a well-recognised and reputable company with operations spread across South Africa. Through Terry’s, Rob’s, Keith’s and Doug’s continuing mentorship and guidance they have developed a vibrant new leadership team enabling Andru’s future success.

The executive team with Rob Elphinstone as executive chairman, supported by Anthony Wardlaw, Branden Bowen, Joe Naicker and Shonel Reddy, ensure that Andru’s goals are realised and that the company thrives under the vigilant eye of the Andru (Pty) Ltd board. Although their portfolios of Plant, Finance and HR have been taken over by Joe, Shonel and Branden, Keith Reddy and Doug Troughton remain on the board of directors and are committed to the success of the company. Andru Mining remains a 100% subsidiary of Andru (Pty) Ltd. Click here to read more about Andru (Pty) Ltd

Since the first scrapers were purchased the distinctive Andru blue has made Andru Mining's equipment readily identifiable. Andru employs approximately 1200 staff members many of whom are drawn from the local communities around the mines we service. Andru Mining's success can only be attributed to the hard work and effort of all the employees in the Andru Team. The focus at Andru Mining has always been on identifying and servicing the specific needs of our clients.

Our Approach

Andru Mining’s success is linked to the high availability of our equipment. We are focused on ourfleet of equipment and ensure 90% availability of machines at all times. This is achieved by onlypurchasing premium brand equipment and ensuring our maintenance strategy is aligned for thebenefit of our clients. This allows the team on site to focus on achieving the targets set by ourclients. We have a very competent team of plant managers to assist our mechanical teams on site. Inaddition, our head office has workshop facilities which adds additional support to our sites.


All activities are undertaken with the highest regard to safety and we have remained the service provider of choice for maintaining a high safety record. Click here to read more about safety

Level 3 BBBEE

We are a proudly black owned company with a level 3 BBBEE certificate.  We are committed to empowering communities through our corporate social investments. Click here to read more about corporate social investments

Andru Vision

We are committed at all times to: